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October 18, 2018

Did you know using regular shampoo on your beard leaves it dry and rough?

This is because it strips away too much of the natural oils your body produces. Face soap won’t do the trick either, because it leaves a sticky residue. The best way to wash your beard is with a beard shampoo bar, as they’re designed to gently clean and hydrate your hair and skin, leaving both touchably soft. It’s not necessary to go overboard, but if you’re going to invest in growing out a luscious beard, it’s a good idea to make sure your shampoo is right.

After shampooing, apply a cleansing conditioner. Even if you don’t condition the hair on your head, get in the habit of conditioning the hair on your face, especially during the colder months. It will make your beard appear shiny, and does wonders at combating dryness. We recommend leaving your conditioner in for a couple of minutes, or up to half an hour if your beard is already really dry or brittle.

Finally, apply a drop or two of beard oil. A good quality beard oil helps keep your hair moisturized, keeps your skin from flaking and causing dandruff, and smells really good! (We might be biased, but we think our beard oil smells the best – check it out!)