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October 18, 2018



For most of us, shaving can irritate our skin. You can help reduce irritation with a proper pre- and post-shave ritual and by choosing a cartridge razor with multiple blades to get a close shave. However, each blade is equivalent to a pass over skin, which removes both skin and hair, so the more blades you have on your razor, the more passes you end up with. The double edge safety razor reduces the number of passes by shaving nice and close the first time, resulting in much less skin irritation.



Compared to multi-blade cartridges, double edge safety razors are much more cost-effective. After you purchase a handle, you’ll be shocked at how cheap the blades are!



Kiss your shaping and sharp line challenges goodbye! You can see precisely where the blade is on your face with a double edge safety razor, so making shapes and sharp lines is much easier.