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April 01, 2019 2 min read

Self-care is usually marketed along the lines of spa dates and romantic comedies - and hey, if you’re into that, you do you brother. But for a lot of us, it’s about managing stress and finding the balance between work, play and rest

Honestly, most of us have no clue how to meander those lines. We don’t take the time to reflect on how we’re feeling about life. Many of us don’t prioritize exercise - and most of us don’t eat good food.

Here are four ways we can practice self-care:

  • Learn your Burnout Signs
  • Burnout can happen when we push to hard and can’t catch up on rest. Sometimes this comes out in anxiety or feeling completely overwhelmed. This is a dangerous level of stress. Seriously, stop what you’re doing before you have a breakdown.

  • Find a Passion (or reignite an old one)
  • What used to make you alive? You don’t need a ton of hobbies - but you do need to find an interest in something other than work. Do some of that.

  • Take Time
  • For some of us, that’s alone time. For others, it’s spending time with friends or family. Some of us spend every evening over drinks with friends and never take any time on our own. Others stay at home and never go out. Do the thing you know you need to do. It’s probably the opposite of what you're currently doing.

  • Treat Yourself
  • When was the last time you gave yourself a proper head-to-chin cleanup, or like - got some new beard oil? You don’t even need to visit the barber.  Our Essentials Kit is on sale in honor of World Health Day April 7. It includes Beard Butter, Beard Oil, Shampoo Bar, Conditioning Oil, Moustache Wax, a Beard Comb and Scissors. Buy ithere. Whatever you need - do you, brother.

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