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January 17, 2019 2 min read

 So you’ve spent the season growing out your beard. It’s looking great, except you just can’t get it to staytidy. Stray hairs are growing in every direction, sticking out and refusing to cooperate. Maybe the people close to you have started to notice and are chastising you to clean it up, or even – gasp – get rid of it. But before you do anything drastic, check out these beard grooming tips to keep your man mane looking slick.

Shape it

The first step is to make sure your beard shape matches your facial features and is lined up properly. You don’t want a wonky-shaped beard! We recommend visiting a barber with experience shaping beards (unless you’re a superstar with your razor) so you can get it started on the right foot, or back on track. Your barber can also give you tips on shaping and trimming at home if you’re keen.

Wash it frequently

A good wash every other day (or every day, depending if you sweat more or are more active) is the basis for a neat and tidy beard. Beard shampoo and conditioner and more effective than regular shampoo and conditioner, as it’s better suited to the hairs on your face – they moisturize without leaving a heavy, greasy feeling. But remember to gently pat it dry to prevent frizz and split ends.

Use products

The key to a tamed mane is beard oil, full stop. Once a day (preferably after a shower), run one or two drops of beard oil – depending on your beard’s length – through your hairs with your hands. Then give it a once-over with a brush or comb to make sure it’s evenly distributed. With continued use, your hairs will be much softer, shinier, and easier to manage.

Shorter beards never fear! Beard balm is for you. While it’s also great for giving long beards hold and shape, beard balm is an excellent moisturizer for both short beard hairs and your skin underneath.

Brush it

Combing through your beard daily has two major benefits: your hairs stay neat and tangle-free, and they’ll be trained over time to all grow in the same downward direction. We also recommend investing in a good quality comb or brush, as they’re gentler and won’t split your ends.

Trim it

Yes – even if you’re growing it out! After around 1-2 months of growing your beard, it might start to look uneven. Wash your beard and comb it through in a downward direction, then give it a quick trim to even out any stray or scraggly hairs.