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September 05, 2019 3 min read

You might say that the beard is having a moment. Everywhere you look, it seems that guys are giving their razors some time off. With that popularity, you might be tempted to sit back and buck the trend, keeping your daily date with the clippers. But have you really sat down and asked, “What can a beard do for me?”

In honour of world beard day, September 7th we took to our tablets to compose a list of pros and cons for why you should let your five o’clock shadow grow in.

  1. Warmth for winter (PRO) – The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and the weather is getting brisker. It’s time to break out your Canadian Scarf to keep your neck cozy this Fall. With a blanket on your face, you won’t have to worry about losing it when the wind starts to hit.
  2. Keeps blemishes at bay (PRO) – You might think that growing out a beard will hide your acne-prone skin, but factually, your razors are probably causing the damage. Shaving irritates sensitive skin and spreads bacteria around (YUCK!). That leads to rashes and creates ingrown hairs. So keep your skin clean and clear and covered up. 
  3. Natural sunscreen (PRO) – Gone are the days of baking ourselves in the sun. Now that we know how much damage UV rays do, protecting ourselves from sun is all the rage. You might not realize, but facial hair actually blocks 95% of sun exposure. So say bye bye SPF, hello scruff! 
  4. Level up your masculinity (PRO) – From the earliest days, a beard has been a symbol of power and honour. For proof, just take a look back through your history books. Growing out your beard will immediately up your prowess - at least upon first glance.
  5. Celebrity status (PRO) –Brad Pitt. Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Gosling. George Clooney. David Beckham. Chris Pratt. Justin Timberlake. These hunks all look better with beards. For research just compare any of these men clean-shaven at the start of their careers, with their glow ups and longevity as they’ve aged. Need I say more?
  6. A picture of health (PRO) – Growing a beard can prevent wrinkles, blemishes, acne, discoloration, and allergens. It even keeps airborne bacteria from getting inside of your mouth. All of that, keeps you looking, feeling and being healthier overall.
  7. Moisture (PRO) – We all love to hate the word moist, but when it comes to our skin moisture is key. When you shave you risk cuts, as well as open pores. This repetitive action will leave your skin dry and flakey. Avoid this, and lock the moisture in under your facial hair. To level that up, we do suggest a nice simple grooming routine, maybe some oil, shampoo and conditioner. Wham bam -  thank you man. 
  8. Less grooming time (PRO) – Do you really want to spend 139 days shaving? That’s the amount of time you will spend over a lifetime if you keep up your shaving routine. Think about it, you are told by society to start shaving at 15 and then you just keep that up day after day for the rest of your life. Say, no thank you. I’m sticking with my beard! 
  9. Money saver (PRO) – With all the creams, lotions, potions, and razors needed to shave, you’re just throwing money down the drain (pun fully intended). 
  10. Girls (and men) love them! (PRO) – According to Evolution and Human Behavior both genders love a man with a face carpet. When pictures of men at 10 different stages of facial hair growth were shown to 351 women and 177 men, the consensus was heavy stubble (or 10 days of growth) is the most attractive.

So let’s tally that up – 10 pros and 0 cons. Is it even a question?