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April 29, 2020 2 min read

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve spent a lot of time reading, watching and listening to content in isolation. Which we got to admit, isn’t nearly as much fun as we thought it would be. So we’ve decided to start sharing more of what we’ve been up to.

Our team has put together a few playlists that we hope you enjoy listening to – if you have any suggestions or want to collaborate on the next ones let us know! We hit the broad stokes of what is important to us: made in Canada, good vibes and the kind of music you can chill and/or ruin a friendship over a game of Fifa to.

Introducing: The Lumbersexual.

Named after one of our most popular beard oils this playlist is scented like the beautiful lumberjacks we all know and love. We are kidding, it actually smells like all your favourite Canadians artists: the Tragically Hip, Matthew Good, Sloan, Metric, Drake and even Justin Bieber will grace your ear drums (we had to show some love).

Introducing: Lo-fi

Inspired by Urban Beard’s founder and our beard grooming sherpa, Chris. This easy listening playlist helps take you to places you never knew you needed to go. It pairs well with an early afternoon beer on a patio or cranking through your taxes (we’re not joking about that last one).

Introducing: Chilling

This wasn’t inspired by anything in particular, but our new brand managers wanted to capture the “essence of” day drinking in your backyard under that hot summer sun. We know it’s a little difficult to get out these days but this playlist will work just as well playing beer pong on the patio or crushing some CS:GO.

We’ll close with our #BeardTipOfTheDay:

When applying beard oil, rub vigorously between your hands (as if you’re trying to make a fire with two sticks), gently apply to your beard – but don’t rub it in to your skin, using your beard brush gently stroke in a downwards motion.