Beard Butter 'Peppermint'

 Urban Beard butter is a non-greasy moisturizer for your beard and skin. It will penetrate the hair follicle from the inside out, providing antioxidants and rich moisturization from the organic oils within. This results in full manageable facial hair and can be used on even the most unruly beards. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner over night or applied during the day to give you a natural matte look as if you've not applied product at all.

Our beard butter does not give you a shiny finish and has a refreshing minty scent that leaves you feeling invigorated. Enriched with organic Sweet Almond and organic Jojoba Oil, our luxurious beard butter strengthens your beard and skins natural moisture barrier to restore its strength and give it a healthy radiance. Use our beard cream for growth, to soften and moisturize your beard leaving your facial hair healthy and looking its best.


A dime size amount is all you need to use for each application since the beard butter is quite thick. As the old saying goes 'less is more'.

Main Ingredients/Ingrédients:
Aqua (purified water) / Eau purifiée
Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil / Huile de graines de jojoba
Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil / huile d'amande douce
Boswellia carterii (frankincense) gum extract / Extrait de l'encens (résine oliban)
Mentha arvensis (peppermint) leaf essential oil / huile essentielle de menthe poivrée à lame
Pinus sylvestris (pine) leaf essential oil / huile essentielle de pin feuilles
Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) leaf essential oil / huile essentielle d'Eucalyptus feuille
Tocopherol (vitamin E) / Vitamine E

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    Cameron B.
    Canada Canada

    I love my beard butter.

    Absolutely the best. Chris has out done himself with his products. I will be a returning customer for a long time. You cant go wrong with their stuff. The butter has a awesome mint smell that is subtle yet refreshing. Wife loves it more than I do, and I LOVE IT!

    Urban Beard

    Thanks for the positive review Cameron! really appreciate it. Yeah the beard butter is a very popular product.

    Ted B.
    Canada Canada

    As always very good

    As always very good

    Urban Beard

    Cheers Ted, thanks for leaving a review. Appreciate it

    Will H.
    Canada Canada

    Daily Choice

    I've been using this for a several months, and it's become my daily solution. I have a very curly beard that can be difficult to control. The beard butter goes in white and thick, but brushes in to a smooth, matte finish. It doesn't look like you're wearing a product and doesn't feel like it either. And it prevents me leaving greasy handprints everywhere too! I still use beard oil when I want to look extra spiffy, but for day to day use the beard butter is first choice.

    Urban Beard

    Hey Will, thanks for the review. Interesting to hear how you use the beard butter then brush & comb it through. I'm gonna do it that way from now on and see how it goes. Cheers!

    Misha R.

    They're completely mis-marketing this.

    On all the beard-related YouTube channels, there's a lot of talk about what the heck a beard butter actually is. The consensus is that a beard butter is like a beard balm, but much softer, a lot grittier, and has almost zero hold - and should be used almost exclusively before bed. By this definition, Honest Amish beard balm is a great beard butter but a dreadful balm. Urban Beard's beard butter isn't like this at all. It has the colour, sheen, and consistency of yogurt. It has a strong candy cane peppermint smell. It's rather difficult not to use gobs and gobs of it, since it's so soft. So what does this product actually do? It gives your beard a matte finish, which... isn't often requested. There isn't much hold going on here either - on the contrary, I may have found the hair a little harder to tame (which is fine, as I am using this before bed). When I woke up, my beard was still matte, and still all over the place (but who's beard isn't like that in the morning?). I gave my beard a thorough morning water rinse... and then it hit me. After rinsing this stuff out, every single hair on my beard was soft, straight, and manageable. And this is no fluke - I've done this for weeks now. Scotch Porter's leave-in conditioner doesn't even leave my beard this nice after my morning rinse. Once this stuff is rinsed out, your beard is in the best state it possible can be for a nice oil and/or balm application. Using it in any other context, I don't know what this product does. Using it as a leave-in overnight conditioner that's washed out in the morning, this is the best stuff on the market. You wouldn't know that by the product's packaging or marketing.


    Great stuff

    Good stuff. Love the mint smell