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October 21, 2020 3 min read

Our team gets questions from customers all the time about how to trim and maintain their beard. People are curious to learn how often you should wash your beard, how to fight dry itchy skin, and what is the best mix of beard oil + beard care products.

Ultimately how you maintain your beard is up to you, but after 8 months of growth and strictly using Urban Beard products I’ve got Beard Care 3.0 - A Guide To Maintaining Your Beard ready for you. 


I typically use a combination of the Urban Beard Shampoo and Conditioner every other day – why these specific products vs. a regular shampoo and conditioner? Simple, there are better ingredients suited for the hair on your face. These are designed to clean and moisturize your beard without leaving a heavy, greasy feeling. I find myself doing a good beard wash every other day, if you find yourself sweating a lot and your beard is holding that close to your skin make sure you wash it more often.


I am the king of the beard / no beard. I always have facial hair, but sometimes I trim it down to the hardwood to give it a nice do over. Now, we don’t want to get too crazy here but trimming your beard is an important step in making sure you don’t look like Sasquatch. The main key to making sure your beard matches your face is by ensuring it’s lined up! There are a few of different ways of doing it, we really like this video from GQ which will explain how.


I use the entire Urban Beard product line up – Beard Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil, Balm and Butter; and yes, I know this isn’t for everyone. But, with that said here are some of the reasons why I do.

  • Beard Wash: I really enjoy the combination of the Shampoo Bar & the Conditioner, washing your beard does a few things. It removes dead skin (helps reduce) itch as well as removes the build up of oils, and stimulates your hair follicles. Regular washing and conditioning of your beard helps keep it clean and healthy.
  • Maintenance: Routines help keep me sane, and before I buckle up and game for hours on end during the weeknights I find myself rubbing Beard Butter into my beard three times a week. I can only speak to the Urban Beard Beard Butter, but this stuff acts as an amazing leave in conditioner. I find that my beard keeps a natural shape and is way softer the next day.
  • Look & Feel: I find myself alternating between a beard oil or balm on a daily basis, sometimes if I’m feeling crazy I’ll mix the two for “added shine” (as if my beards a car or something), but you absolutely do not need to do this. The Cedarwood Beard Balm has a different texture than the others, it’s more of a styling balm that helps your beard keep it’s shape after you comb it through. Where as the Oils and other Balms add a nice finish to help me look fresh for all those Zoom calls I’m on lately.

Brush & Trim:

When I start growing my beard I try not to touch it for the first 6 – 8 weeks, I’ll usually have my barber line it up/clean it up but since COVID have been doing it at home. Everyone has a unique shape to their face and can check out this guide for the type of styles that you think would benefit you the most. However, typically I find myself cleaning up my neck and cheek line every week or two with a straight razor. However, I try brushing my beard with a boar brush daily. Why? The brush actually holds the oils from the products you use very well. This ensures they are evenly spread out and it will stimulate your hair follicles and

We hope that you enjoyed this content, and that if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out via our contact form or on social media.