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March 02, 2020 5 min read



Best Beard Butter 2020 | When it comes to beards a lot of men think that just leaving it to grow out and do its own thing is enough. And I guess depending on how you want your beard to look or how you want to be perceived by others, maybe it is. Personally, I don't believe that leaving it to 'just' grow is enough.


Just like when I wash and style my hair to make it look its best, I do the same with my beard. There are many products and tools out there that can help you with your ultimate beard goals, but today I would like to concentrate on Beard Butter.


Long gone are the days when you had to make do with using cheap hair products on your beard for styling. Now you have many options in the form of beard oils, beard balms, beard shampoo etc, to keep your beard in perfect condition. The product that has been most over looked over the last few years is beard butter. What does a beard butter offer you that the other types of beard products don't? I will explain further below!


What Is Beard Butter?


Beard butter gets the name 'butter' from its consistency. There are even two types of beard butter. One version has the texture of a soft beard balm, primarily used for styling purposes and the other version has the texture of a thick cream. Both types have there pro's and con's which we will get into in a bit. The version which is more like a soft balm will consist of ingredients like shea butter and beeswax, which again helps with styling, but will leave you with a shiny finish. While the version which is more like a thick cream will consist of botanical oils like jojoba oil and sweet almond oils etc, but as they are more water based they will leave you with a matte finish and give your beard a more natural look. Ultimately, beard butter is the sweet spot in between of a beard oil and a beard balm giving you the ability to style and hydrate your beard at the same time.


Why Use Beard Butter? 


If you're a guy who likes to look after his beard by keeping it healthy and hydrated. Then beard butter will help you to do that as it has a variety of benefits for your skin and hair. For starters it is full of many nutrient dense botanical oils, just like the ones mentioned above. These oils will help promote hair growth and keep the skin underneath your beard moisturized and supple, preventing hair breakage and shedding. 


The following are some of the other benefits of using beard butter.


  • It locks in moisture to your facial hair beyond what an oil alone can do, especially when it comes to thicker beards. 
  • Beard butter will help you get past the 'itchy' stage when first growing out your beard. Soothing your skin and keeping the hair soft, preventing irritation.
  • Makes your beard soft so that it is more manageable throughout the day and prevents the hair from becoming wiry, rough and unruly.
  • beard butter contain nourishing vitamins & minerals which help to clear blocked pores and make your skin healthier.
  • It will help prevent beard dandruff or 'beardruff' by keeping your skin nourished and hydrated. Stoping dry flakey skin from falling from your beard.
  • As beard butter is thick and heavy it keeps your beard in shape and those fly-away hairs in check. Making you able to some what style your beard.
  • We all want our beard to look good and beard butter helps by keeping our beard smelling fresh and looking healthy. 
  • Will leave your beard with a matte finish if the beard butter is water based which gives your beard a more natural look.

Overall, beard butter is a wonderful all round product for maintaining your beard. It keeps your skin moisturized to prevent dry flakey skin, Keeps your facial hair hydrated preventing wiry, unruly fly-away hairs. And is strong enough to give you that little bit of hold you need to keep your beard in shape and styled to perfection.


How To Use Beard Butter?


Beard butter should be applied daily for styling and moisturizing purposes. It will give your beard a deep condition, keep it styled to perfection, and leave it smelling great! Follow these steps:-


  1. Rinse or wash your beard to remove any build up of dirt
  2. Pat your beard dry, preferably with a cotton or microfiber cloth
  3. Use your finger to scoop out a small amount of beard butter
  4. Spread the product evenly across both of your hands
  5. Apply deep into your beard, working it in well as to hydrate your skin
  6. Complete styling with a comb or brush

 2 Ways To Use Beard Butter


Is beard butter a styling product to be applied during the day? or is it a leave in conditioner to be left in over night? The truth is it can be either or both at the same time! There are 2 different ways that you can use beard butter. 


1. Apply and Then Leave In. Beard butter is a product that you can work into your beard after you wash it, and then leave it in over night so that all those beneficial oils that contain nutrients will be absorbed into your hair and skin. Leave-in conditioners are very popular, as you will wake up with a soft, manageable & healthy-looking beard every morning. This makes your morning beard routine easier as your beard is already soft, manageable and ready for styling. 


2. Style and Go. In this case you are using the beard butter more like a beard balm and a styling product more than a leave-in conditioner. With beard butter having a thick heavy cream like consistency it will hold those fly-away hairs down and keep your beard in shape. Also if it is a water based product it will leave your beard with a natural matte look rather than the shiny, glistening look which a beard oil or beard balm will give you.


Most beard butters fall into those two camps. You may occasionally see a product labelled as a "beard softener," and those are usually conditioners that you apply and then rinse out of your beard, but those are kind of rare.




If you are looking for deep conditioning to soften and promote healthy beard growth, but still want a light hold to style your beard, beard butter may be the the right choice. There are plenty of different blends of beard butter available for guys to choose from. It is up to the customer to decide which form of beard butter will suit them the most, depending on if they are looking for more of a styling product or for more of a conditioning product. We have mentioned above some of the best attributes of beard butter, and why we believe our brand will help fill all of your beard grooming needs, and why we believe it's the best beard butter of 2020.