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August 07, 2023 12 min read

Growing a long beard is more than just a change in appearance; it's a transformative experience that requires patience, discipline, and determination. While some may view it as an idyllic adventure, the journey beneath the surface can be both enlightening and challenging. In this article, we will explore what constitutes a long beard, discuss 11 essential considerations before taking on this endeavour, and provide valuable tips to help you on your long beard journey.

How long is a long beard?

The definition of a long beard may not be formally established, but at Urban Beard, we categorize any beard exceeding six inches in length as a long beard. Beards vary uniquely for each person, making it more sensible to gauge them in terms of time, such as a six-month beard or a "yeard" (grown for a year). Typically, most men experience beard growth at a rate of half an inch per month or six inches per year. Once you surpass the "yeard" milestone, you can confidently claim to have a long beard. Terminal beard length, which is determined by genetics, is generally achieved around the six-year mark, with a maximum length of approximately 36 inches. Though, every beard is unique, some will grow shorter, some will grow longer.

Here are some additional solid facts about beard growth:

  1. Generally, a beard will not grow longer than its six-year full growth potential.
  2. The timeframe to grow a full beard typically ranges from two to four months, varying from person to person. While some may experience an inch of growth in a month, others might have less than half an inch.
  3. The speed of beard growth depends on several factors, including race, age, and genetics.
  4. Most men will notice their most significant beard growth between the ages of 25 and 35, although this can differ for each individual.
  5. Testosterone is the primary factor driving beard growth more than any other influence.



EXPECT PEOPLE TO ASK TO TOUCH IT: While beards are quite common, long beards still carry an air of mystique. Don't be surprised if people express an overwhelming curiosity and ask to touch your beard. It's an odd human behaviour, and this phenomenon becomes particularly noticeable in social settings like bars, where a few curious fingers might find their way to your follicles without seeking permission. If you're uncomfortable with unsolicited beard-to-hand contact, be prepared for such encounters.

PEOPLE WILL HAVE STRONG REACTIONS: REPULSION OR ATTRACTION While beards, in general, have become widely accepted and considered attractive in the last 10 years, long beards are a different matter altogether. There's little middle ground when it comes to how people feel about long beards. You'll often find that individuals will either be entirely repulsed by your long beard or become full-on "pogonophiles" – people with an immense attraction to beards. The polarized reactions to your long beard can be quite interesting to experience.

IT WILL BE A CONVERSATION STARTER: Once your beard reaches a certain length, get ready for it to become the default conversation starter with a majority of strangers. Whether you're at the supermarket, in line at the coffee shop, at the office, or out at a bar, people will be drawn to ask about your impressive beard. Just like an athlete dealing with the media, you'll find yourself fielding the same questions repeatedly about your beard on a daily basis. "How do you grow a beard like that?" "How long did it take to grow?" "Isn't it hot with that beard?" Get those canned answers ready, as you'll be using them often!

YOUR BEARD WILL DEFINE YOU: No matter your appearance, once you grow a long beard, it becomes your most unforgettable attribute. It takes centre stage, overshadowing all other physical traits, and people will recognize you as "the guy with the incredible beard" or something along those lines. Though you are much more than just your beard, it inevitably becomes your trademark and a distinctive part of your identity.

YOU'LL BE COMPARED TO ZZ TOP OR JAMES HARDEN: As human nature dictates, comparisons are inevitable. When you sport a long beard, people will often draw parallels between you and iconic figures like ZZ Top or James Harden, both renowned for their impressive facial hair. Some may believe they've discovered a clever connection, as if you've never heard it before. Just take it in stride, offer a smile, a polite thanks, and continue on your way.

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE SHEDDING: As your beard reaches its terminal length, shedding becomes a natural process to make way for new growth. Prepare to discover long beard hairs everywhere - in the shower, sink, bed, on clothes, and more. While it might be a bit unsettling to see hairs of such length coming from your face, rest assured that shedding is a regular part of the growth cycle.

EXPECT INCREASED EXPENSES ON BEARD PRODUCTS: While it's possible to grow a long beard without using products, it's not advisable if you want it to be healthy and well-groomed. Achieving and maintaining a long beard requires a dedicated maintenance routine. As your beard grows longer, the ends become susceptible to breakage and damage. Excessive breakage can result in an untidy, scraggly appearance, preventing your hair from reaching its fullest potential length.

To keep your beard and the underlying skin hydrated, you'll need to invest in ample Beard OilBeard Balm, Beard Wash, and Conditioner. For most beards, three to five drops of Beard Oil are sufficient. However, as you venture into the realm of yeards, you'll find yourself needing 10+ drops a day. It's evident that you'll go through a bottle of oil much faster than if your beard were shorter. So, be prepared for the increased expenses of maintaining a long and well-groomed beard.

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EXPECT QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PARTNER'S OPINION: Having a romantic partner while sporting a long beard will undoubtedly attract curiosity from others. People will often ask your partner about their thoughts on your facial hair, assuming they might be against it. Initially, it might be intriguing to encounter such inquiries, but they can become repetitive over time. These questions are more likely to come from individuals whose partners are not supportive of growing a beard of considerable length or any beard at all. Be prepared for these inquiries, and remember that your partner's opinion is what truly matters in the end.

ENJOY THE WIND IN YOUR BEARD: One of the most enjoyable aspects of having a long beard is the sensation of the wind gracefully sweeping through it. This experience is truly unique and is known only to a select few. However, it's essential to stay cautious, as the wind can also bring some minor inconveniences. Be prepared for your beard to occasionally blow into your eyes and mouth, and don't be surprised if it also ventures into other people's personal space. Nonetheless, the joy of feeling the wind in your majestic beard is a truly remarkable and distinctive experience.

BEWARE OF BEARD ENTANGLEMENT: As your beard grows longer, be prepared for it to become entangled in various everyday objects. Seatbelts, car doors, zippers, backpacks—your glorious beard may find itself caught in all of them. Even when sharing a bed with your partner, you might encounter the frustrating experience of your beard getting trapped under their body. Though it may be amusing at times, getting your beard caught can also be uncomfortable and occasionally painful. Stay vigilant, as navigating the world with a long beard requires a bit of extra caution to avoid these occasional inconveniences.

LONG BEARD: A QUALITY VS. LENGTH DILEMMA While your beard may appear thick, full, and well-rounded at a length of six inches, this might not necessarily translate to a longer beard. As some men can grow very dense and lush beards that reach down to their stomachs, those who venture beyond the "yeard" (a year's worth of beard growth) might find that their beard hair becomes wispier and more transparent towards the bottom. As your beard lengthens, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep the hair tips from becoming dry and brittle, despite using high-quality grooming products. Preventing breakage then becomes an everyday challenge.

The key question you must ask yourself is; are you pursuing length alone, or do you value overall beard quality? If quality is your priority, you might need to consider sacrificing some length. However, it's worth noting that a long beard can still be of high quality and maintain good health for you personally. The only way to truly discover what works best for you is to embark on the journey and grow it out. Assessing the appearance and health of your long beard as it develops will help you determine the ideal balance between length and quality that suits your unique beard-growing experience.

ADVICE ON CULTIVATING A LENGTHY BEARD: If you remain undeterred by the points mentioned earlier, here are some valuable tips to assist you in your journey towards growing a long beard.

PERSEVERE THROUGH IT: Above all, persistence is the key when it comes to growing a long beard. It requires a minimum commitment of a year, but if you're aiming for substantial length, be prepared for it to take several years.

There will be days when you feel frustrated, with your beard refusing to cooperate, and moments when you might contemplate trimming it off entirely.

Undoubtedly, there will be challenging beard days. However, it's crucial not to make any hasty decisions and refrain from chopping off your beard impulsively. Give yourself time to think, preferably sleep on it, or even better, allow a week to pass. More often than not, you'll find yourself changing your mind by morning.

SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE: Engaging the expertise of a skilled barber is vital to maintain a well-groomed beard without compromising its length. If you haven't already, it's essential to find a barber who specializes in handling beards of considerable size. Opt for a barber who has attended barber school, as they possess more experience in working with facial hair. This isn't to discredit stylists, but barbers typically have a better understanding of beard care due to their specific clientele.

While it is possible to trim your own beard, proceed with caution. Shaping and trimming a beard can be intricate, and the last thing you want is to accidentally cut too much or trim the wrong areas, potentially setting back months of progress. Entrusting a professional will ensure precision and help you avoid any regrettable mishaps.

CHOOSE A SPECIFIC LONG BEARD STYLE Having a clear long beard style in mind can greatly simplify the entire process. With numerous long beard styles available, knowing which one you want to achieve will be beneficial. Alternatively, you can save a picture of a long beard that appeals to you on your phone and share it with your barber during each upkeep session. This way, you'll both be on the same page, and your desired style can be brought to life with precision.

PRIORITIZE HIGH-QUALITY GROOMING PRODUCTS: As your beard lengthens, it tends to trap various undesirable elements, from dirt to all kinds of "F" words. Maintaining cleanliness is crucial, but excessive washing can lead to dryness. To keep your beard in top shape, invest in premium Beard Wash that effectively cleanses while preserving moisture.

Dry, brittle, and damaged beard hair not only looks unappealing but may also hinder its potential growth. To ensure optimal health and maximum growth, incorporate essential products like Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Conditioner into your grooming routine. These products play a critical role in nourishing and maintaining your beard's health, allowing it to flourish to its full potential.

NOURISH YOUR SKIN WITH MASSAGE: Focusing solely on beard hair care isn't sufficient; you must also tend to the skin beneath it, especially as your beard becomes longer and denser.

During your beard wash and Beard Oil application, make it a point to massage the skin using your fingers. Reach deep and gently massage the skin. The hair bulb resides just below the skin's surface, and by stimulating the blood flow to your face, you encourage a steady supply of blood and vital nutrients to nourish the hair bulb effectively. This thoughtful massage promotes a healthier environment for beard growth.

DOCUMENT YOUR PROGRESS WITH WEEKLY PHOTOS: During your long beard journey, there will be moments when it appears that your beard growth has come to a standstill. Weeks may pass without any noticeable change, making you wonder if your hair has reached its maximum length.

Instead of attempting to observe daily changes, which can be as futile as trying to witness your height increase, adopt a weekly photo routine. Select a specific day each week as your designated selfie day. Maintain the same posture and camera angle for consistency, allowing you to genuinely compare and contrast your beard's progress from week to week.

This practice not only enables you to monitor your length effectively but also prevents you from making premature decisions about your beard's growth. By staying committed to the weekly photo documentation, you'll remain motivated and patient throughout your beard-growing journey.

PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: To support optimal hair growth, including your beard, it requires essential nutrients. However, when your body distributes these nutrients, your beard hair often falls low on the priority list. If your vital organs and skin are not in good condition, your beard won't be a top priority either.

Furthermore, neglecting your health can lead to a decrease in your body's natural production of testosterone. Lowered testosterone levels can hinder your progress on the quest for a long beard.

You don't need to be a fitness model, but incorporating the following lifestyle practices will significantly benefit your beard growth goals.

Prioritize Sufficient Sleep: Strive for a healthy sleep routine, aiming for 7.5-10 hours of rest each night. Getting only 5 or 6 hours of sleep won't be beneficial for you. In fact, even just one night of inadequate sleep, less than 6 hours, can lead to a drop in testosterone levels. It's important to note that the majority of testosterone is produced during REM-sleep. Studies indicate that men who sleep for four hours have 50% less testosterone than those who sleep for eight hours. The evidence is clear - more sleep is essential for maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

Ensure Adequate Nutrition: It's crucial to consume enough food to support your body's functions effectively. Low-calorie diets can have negative consequences on the reproductive system and may lead to a decrease in testosterone production. Beware of fad diets and extreme cleanses, as they may adversely affect your hormonal balance. While we aren't nutritionists, we highly recommend consulting with a health professional before making any significant changes to your regular diet. Their expertise can guide you in maintaining a balanced and healthy nutritional intake.

Consider Including a Multivitamin: As we age, our body's ability to absorb nutrients from food may decrease. Additionally, a diet high in processed foods might not provide all the necessary nutrients.

Incorporating a multivitamin into your routine can be beneficial, but it's essential to exercise caution. Some vitamins, like vitamin A, can be toxic when taken in excessive amounts and frequency. Before opting for a multivitamin, try to improve your diet by including more nutrient-rich foods. If you still feel the need for supplementation, consult your doctor to ensure you select the right one for your specific needs and avoid any potential health risks.

Engage in Weight Training: Incorporating resistance training has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone production and enhance the activity of androgen receptors in hormone uptake.

For maximum effectiveness, focus on compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups, particularly larger ones like the glutes, hamstrings, and pecs.

A well-rounded routine centred on squats, deadlifts, lunges, pushups, bench presses, and overhead presses is an excellent starting point. These time-tested exercises have proven their worth over the years.

To fully benefit from weight training, challenge yourself with significant weights. If you're new to lifting, consider hiring a trainer to ensure proper form and reduce the risk of injury.

EVALUATING BEARD GROWTH OILS: THE REALITY Wondering if beard growth oils or pills can truly accelerate your journey to a long beard? The answer is likely no.

Numerous advertisements claim that these products can magically enhance beard growth, making it faster, stronger, and fuller. However, such claims are often akin to those made by penis enlargement pills, lacking scientific evidence and preying on men's insecurities.

Ultimately, your genetics play a significant role in determining your beard's capabilities, and no product has been scientifically proven to alter that.

Nevertheless, certain supplements like biotin can support your beard in reaching its full potential. While they won't work miracles, they can provide valuable nourishment to your hair and beard health.

The Top Supplement for Beard Growth

When researching beard growth and ways to enhance it, you'll undoubtedly come across biotin as a prominent contender. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in various metabolic processes, including the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

As part of the vitamin B complex, biotin is essential for maintaining healthy nerve, metabolic, cardiovascular, and digestive functions. Its involvement in the metabolism of amino acids, glucose, and fatty acids ensures that nutrients from fats, proteins, and carbs are optimally utilized for physical well-being.

For individuals growing a beard, the key question is how biotin affects beard growth. Primarily, biotin enhances the body's keratin infrastructure—the essential protein responsible for hair, skin, and nail structure. This leads to healthier, thicker hair on both the scalp and the facial area.

Beyond benefiting hair, biotin improves overall skin health, including the facial skin where your beard grows. It supports metabolic functions, helps lower cholesterol, and aids in blood sugar regulation.

A deficiency in biotin can result in various skin issues like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and itchiness. Therefore, maintaining adequate biotin levels is vital for healthy skin.

However, it's crucial to exercise patience when using biotin for beard growth, as results may not be immediate or guaranteed. Advocates of biotin recommend a daily supplement of 2.5 mg to strengthen hair and beard shafts.

While scientific evidence supporting a direct role of biotin in beard growth remains limited, many individuals report positive changes in their beard growth when using biotin.