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May 05, 2023 2 min read

Summer is nearly here and it's the season to enjoy long days, warm weather, and relaxing on patios in the evening. But for those with a beard, summer can also bring some challenges. The heat can turn your beard into a sweat fest, and make you feel like maybe it's time to shave it off! However, don't let that discourage you from rocking your beard this summer. Here are some pro tips to help you keep your beard in top shape.


Exfoliate and wash your beard frequently

During summer, sweating more is natural, which can cause grime buildup and oil retention in your beard, causing skin irritation and pimples. So, invest in a 100% boar's hair brush and exfoliate the dead skin and sweat trapped under your beard. Wash your beard frequently and use beard wash and softeners to maintain its hygiene.

Swim with caution and rinse your beard

Swimming is a great way to cool down, but it can also damage your beard. Chlorine water can make your beard dry and brittle, making it prone to damage. When you're done swimming, rinse your beard thoroughly with beard wash to remove chlorine buildup. Follow up with a good dose of beard butter and apply beard oil or beard balm as usual.

Protect your beard from nature's elements


Beards can easily trap dirt, dust, and debris while spending time in nature. Moreover, bugs, gnats, and ticks can also make your beard their home. So, after returning from nature, use a beard comb to remove dirt, debris, and bugs from your facial hair. Use your fingers to feel for ticks and seek medical attention immediately if you find one.

Keep a pocket comb handy for summer foods


Eating with a beard is always challenging, but summer foods like ice cream, s'mores, and barbecue ribs can make it worse. Keep a beard comb handy to remove any leftovers from your beard.


Use sunblock and consider a shorter beard


A beard can block UV rays, but if it is patchy or if your skin is still visible, consider using sunblock beneath your beard. Also, if you feel too hot, trim your beard to a shorter length or try a different beard style.


Switch to lighter scented beard oil


During summer, heavier fragrances can be overpowering, so opt for lighter scented beard oil. Citrus, floral, and nautical scents are perfect for summer.

Trim your beard for a cooler look


If you feel like the heat is too much, consider trimming your beard to a shorter length. Try out different styles, such as chevron moustache or beardstache, to stay cool and stylish.



 During the summer, our sense of smell is heightened. Heavier winter fragrances can be overpowering when worn during the hotter months. So when the mercury rises, think citrus, floral, and nautical.

For Urban Beard, Original Beard Oiland Arborist Beard Oil make great summer scents due to their green, floral and citrus notes. 

Maintaining your beard's hygiene and style during summer requires extra effort, but following these tips can make it easy. 

Use beard wash and conditioner for a softer beard & exfoliate with a boar's hair brush to help you through those warmer summer months.