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May 03, 2021 2 min read

An Urban Beard Man, walking by the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto

We get a lot of questions from people visiting the Urban Beard website - we love engaging with customers and learning more about how we can better design and manufacture products! Lately we get asked a lot about what our products smell like, so here a full breakdown of our entire collection of our scented Urban Beard oils, balms, and butter!

BEARD OIL 'HIPSTER' - folks love this scent because of its warm, earthy aroma.
Top Notes: Clary sage and orris root
Middle Notes: Cedar wood, leather and tobacco leaf
Base Notes: Tonka bean, vanilla and malt

BEARD OIL 'ARTISAN' - this fan favourite is something that members of our team love using. It's fresh and light, but lands with a zest of citrus.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon
Mid Notes: Cognac, Nutmeg, Crushed Tobacco Leaves
Base Notes: White Woods, Cedarwood

BEARD OIL 'LUMBERSEXUAL' - Our Lumbersexual scented beard oil is a warm woodsy fragrance with top notes of bergamot, heart notes of rose and violet, rounded out with amber, sandalwood and cedar base notes. So yeah, it smells like an amazing forest...but on your beard 
Top Notes: Bergamot and orris root
Middle Notes: Rose, and violet
Base Notes: Amber, Cedar and sandalwood

BEARD OIL 'ORIGINAL'Our original scented beard oil has a woodsy, floral scent. With strong notes of cedarwood and hints of lavender.

BEARD OIL 'REBEL' - the scent has lively top notes of bergamot and cedar leaf, uniquely paired with malted violet and precious jasmine on a base of aged oak, patchouli, and sandalwood. 
Top Notes: bergamot, rum, cedar leaf
Mid Notes: jasmine, geranium, tonka
Base: bourbon, sandalwood, patchouli

Now here is the really cool part about our beard balms - they all share the same scent profile as their beard oil brothers! All except for:

BEARD BALM 'CEDARWOOD' - Our premium beard balm is an absolute delight to apply. Its main ingredient (Shea butter) will leave your beard feeling super soft and styled to perfection. This product is naturally scented with Cedrus Atlantica - the fancy name for Cedarwood! It's also important to note that this Beard Balm is specially formulated to be softer than our other balms and will act as a "styling balm" which helps shape and manage even the most unruly beards! 

Finally, the last product on the list is our Beard Butter - this leave in conditioner is a fantastic way to bring moisture back to your beard and the skin underneath.

BEARD BUTTER 'PEPPERMINT'- light and fresh, just like the name says! 

We hope you found this helpful, if you ever need anything just reach out to us on social or through our contact us page (or chat feature!).