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October 18, 2018 2 min read

“Your beard hurts my face.”


Yeah, I’ve said it. I’m the girlfriend of a bearded dude, not a bearded dude myself. Urban Beard asked me to write this guest article because they’ve heard it a hundred times before: “It’s me or the beard.” So here I am, writing this blog post to tell you why I still like my man’s beard.

I know there are lots of guys with beards who don’t really take care of them. Sure, they might trim them, or shave the neckbeard to look tidy, but that’s not what I mean. I’m referring to the pokey, scratchy beard hairs that stab our faces when our bearded boyfriends get close.

The fact is, if you shampoo and condition your beard hairs properly, the dryness that causes the stabby, prickly feelings lessens. And if you use a good quality beard oil to hydrate the hairs even more, those beard bristles soften right up. The problem isn’t the beard, it’s the lack of knowledge of proper beard care.

Women are used to an overwhelming amount of choice of products in the beauty aisle, but men have a much harder time figuring out what to buy. The idea of trying to find and test out a product is mentally exhausting.


So, like my boyfriend, keep it simple: he uses a beard shampoo, a beard conditioner, and a good quality beard oil for scent and a final hydrating touch. Once you get more familiar with beard care, there are lots of other products you can dive into, but these are the basics that will keep your face from scratching your partners’.