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October 18, 2018 1 min read

Spring: the light at the end of the dismal, grey tunnel that is winter.


It’s almost time to peek our faces out from behind our fuzzy winter beards, but before you grab a razor, here are 7 reasons to keep the face fur.

  1. Beards can protect your skin from 95% of UV rays
  2. Shaving causes skin irritation which can lead to acne.
  3. It’s scientifically proven men with beards appear more masculine, intimidating, and demand more confidence.
  4. Compliments! Other bearded folks will compliment your beard often.
  5. Men with beards are often seen as healthier, and as a result, have an easier time attracting a mate.
  6. Beards reduce discoloration of facial skin and keep pesky allergens at bay.
  7. Beards minimize wrinkles.

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