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December 07, 2019 4 min read

Beard oil for growth? Now let’s be real, nobody looks good with a patchy beard. The thicker the better!


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Using natural oils in your beard stimulates the hair follicles, strengthens the roots, and moisturizes the skin underneath your beard. That is paramount because let's face it, your beard is only as strong as the skin underneath it. Just like the hair on your head, when your beard is dehydrated it becomes wiry, brittle and sheds, resulting in you getting a patchy beard. The right oils can take your beard from sparse to stupendous! or help you keep your naturally thick beard for longer. Too many guys are giving up on growing their beards out because of its slow growth in the early stages when there are natural oils they can use to help stimulate beard growth and have the beard they've always wanted.

We scoured the web to see what beard specialist and grooming enthusiasts thought about using natural oils to help stimulate their beard growth. As it turns out, most specialists recommend solely using natural oils to keep beards soft, healthy, and dandruff free. We knew we were on the right track.

Our high quality, paraben free beard oil is inspired by nature and guaranteed to help you maintain a thicker, healthier beard. So what are the top five oils to help you grow a fuller, healthier beard (You can find them here in the Urban Beard: Beard Oil collection)

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  • One of the best oils you can use in your beard for a thicker, healthier look is argan oil. Argan oil is a staple in our line of beard oils. The benefits of argan oil are great. Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Its properties make it particularly beneficial for your beard as it contains antioxidants that boost cell growth which produce healthier hair. Due to its ability to tame frizz argan oil is commonly used as a styling agent. It makes facial hair more manageable and adds a healthy shine to your beard. Our line of beard oils are an essential step to add to your daily beard routine.



  • Jojoba Oil in actuality, is a liquid wax. It closely resembles the sebum of the skin, and is rich in vitamin E. This promotes a glowing complexion. It is composed of 98% monounsaturated fats and 2% saturated fats so it can penetrate your beards hair follicle and strengthen fibers from the inside giving elasticity and softness to your beard.. It’s anti-bacterial and antifungal properties are perfect for preventing common problems like beard dandruff, and brittle hair.



  • High quality olive oil is full of linoleic acids, oleic acids, palmitic acids, and polyphenols. The acids in high quality olive oil work by trapping water into your skin, ensuring that it's hydrated. Hydrated skin promotes a healthy beard because when your skin is hydrated it will pass nutrients in and toxins out of the cells, keeping your beard healthy and looking its best. Another property of olive oil is that it contain antioxidants which protect us from free radicals that cause premature aging. It protects us from UV rays that damage your skin. Having this ingredient in our beard oil keeps your beard healthy and promotes growth.



  • Coconut oil is one of the top oils experts recommend to help grow your beard fuller, faster. The use of coconut oil on facial hair helps to reduce protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft leaving your beard nourished and conditioned. It also moisturizes your skin which is extremely important as It is the foundation upon which your beard grows.



  • This organic oil is obtained from the seeds of grapes cultivated in the Central valley of Chile. The oil is extracted without solvents or any kind of chemical processing. The oil is obtained by cold pressing followed by a thorough filtration, maintaining the components of the oil. This oil is an important source of antioxidants, nutrients that traps the free radicals generated by the skin lipids. The high contents of omega 6 fatty acids can assist with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin and helps to tone up the skin, which contributes to a healthy looking beard.


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For some, growing a full, healthy beard comes naturally. For others, growing a thicker beard from scratch takes a little more patience. Either way, natural oils are paramount to growing and maintaining a healthy beard.

Urban Beard: beard oil line contain multiple natural growth stimulating oils to assist you in your quest of growing a show stopping beard, you know the kind that women love and men envy? Our beard oil is made up of all natural ingredients that are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty-free. The main oils that our beard oil is made up of are:- argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil & olive oil.

If you’re ready to take your beard from average to amazing, order one of our beard care products today!

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