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January 09, 2020 4 min read

Patchy Beard? Do you dream of having a strong, thick, rugged beard?… unfortunately some guys (like me) end up with sparse areas or patches of there beard missing, Frustrating, isn't it? I will explain in this article what we can do to fix it!


Having A Patchy Beard: How Did This Happen?


If your beard growth is not as pronounced as that of Hugh Jackman, and seems much similar to that of Keanus Reeves: incomplete and not connected, you have come to the right place!



To figure out how to fix the problem, you have to be able to understand where the problem areas are and how sparse the area is. When you grew your beard, did you realize that it was patchy and not as full as you would have hoped? Be aware that there are many factors that can be the cause of your patchy beard.


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Why do you have a sparse area of your beard?: the explanation


In most cases and in simple terms: Patchy areas correspond above all to an absence of hair in that particular area. You can thank your genetics for that!


Here are the two most common reasons for a sparse beard:

    • The amount of hair follicles may not be dense enough in that particular area.
    • Another more reassuring possibility: is that it maybe that some of the hair in the area is slow growing and small; or even in the telogen phase of a hair cycle. Patience is the remedy in these cases.


Lack of facial hair: possible causes


A downside, however, is if at 30 you find that your beard still has sparse areas, you can suspect the existence of certain disorders, such as:


  • folliculitis : it is a microbial or bacterial infection of the hair follicle. The latter becomes irritated and swells and the hair that lodges there can quickly fall.
  • cicatricial alopecia : this designation includes diseases that cause permanent hair loss. The hair follicles disappear to be replaced by scars. We can also qualify scar alopecia, the case of burns or cuts during shaving.
  • factors like stress, psychological problems and certain medications, which can also cause alopecia areata.
  • in the most extreme cases, we can cite trichotillomania, which consists in frantically pulling out beard hairs, until they are completely stripped.





Without further ado, here are our solutions. After the theory, we finally move on to the practical. Roll up your sleeves and take action: a beard without patches is not a miracle, it just takes time and care.


Take care of your skin and hair


As you can imagine, miracle solutions do not exist to fill a patchy beard. However, you can limit the damage! Taking care of your facial hair and skin improves the quality of your beard, as you will see in the points discussed below.


The natural and effective remedy: beard oils


A botanical-based product, beard oil has beneficial properties for hair. By moisturizing your skin and delivering nutrients to your hair shaft, beard oil helps stimulate the hair roots to grow.


Each has its own virtues:


  • to promote beard growth there is argan oil, it is not a coincidence. Applying it regularly helps stimulate your beard's growth. And in addition, thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial actions, this oil helps cleanse the hair follicles too.
  • there is also a reconstructive quality in grape seed oil. Thanks to the presence of linoleic acids, this oil regenerates damaged hairs . It also has an anti-inflammatory property.
  • moreover, Jojoba oil is one of the oils rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fats. All nutrients that help hair grow and keep your skin healthy.


To make the oil penetrate deep into the skin & hair root, and obtain the maximum benefits, you must apply it by massaging your face. Your blood circulation will improve with these small movements, which will allow you to better feed your beard and bring more oxygen to the surface of your face. And guess what benefits the most? Your hair of course.

Note that beard balms and beard butter have similar benefits as oils!


Purchase a beard maintenance kit and set up a routine


Instead of washing your beard in a hurry with soap and ending up with a dry beard, give yourself time to adopt a routine to maintain your beard . For this, you can get a beard kit with suitable beard products.


A quick look at some essential facial care:

  • Wash your face with special soap or shampoo for beards.
  • Hydrate well by massaging your entire face with oil or a balm with fragrance to give you beard the nutrients to start the day off right.

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We're not trying to scare you, but if you do not take care of your skin, the bulb at the root end of your hair will not be able to breathe and if your pores are blocked ... You aren't doing yourself any favours and could damage your beards growth potential! On the other hand, if you stimulate growth by taking the time to massage beard oil into your skin to penetrate into the hair root, then you will see results more quickly. Having said that we always preach patience when it comes to beard growth (it is a virtue after all!)


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Tame and shape your beard to fill the sparse areas in.

Let your beard grow and brush it!


Letting your beard grow helps you discover its potential. It is also a way to cover up thinning areas (kinda like a beard comb-over!). By having long beard hair you will be able to direct the direction in which you want the hair to grow, covering the patchy areas. To help you do this, purchase a beard brush or a comb and make your beard look fuller!

Be careful, don't spend the whole morning in front of the mirror brushing your beard either, the hair if too rigorously brushed may feel attacked and break off. After a bit of time your hair will adjust and be trained to growth in a certain direction your training it to go. Helping you cover those sparse areas. The same will happen with the application of oils or balms too, conditioning the hair to stay in the position you train it. 


Do not give up and Shave!


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If patience is not your strength, it can be tempting to shave your beard. But if you feel it's looking scruffy, just shave your neck and trim the fly away hairs so your beard looks neat. massage beard oilinto your skin and stimulate those hair follicles. Eventually the slow growing hairs will burst into life! And remember you're only a few months away from an awesome beard, we are all rooting for you!